The Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) is a government body tasked with the sustainability and profitability of the Australian cotton industry. No pressure there! 

In late 2013, we got together with Paula from the CRDC and motivation ninja* Dr Jason Fox to hatch a plan for a Cotton Futures brand. This initiative would bring together the brightest minds in Australia, both within, and more importantly – outside the industry to innovate various stages of the cotton process with fresh ideas. 


The identity for Cotton Futures explores the idea of a common thread that ties together the different industries and expertise in a common purpose and future focused journey. 

Various collateral was developed for the Futures Forum, a one day facilitated workshop bringing delegates from around Australia to discuss the possibilities for the industry. These materials were developed to be highly functional – encouraging participants to scribble on 'em, sticker 'em, and otherwise subject them to all sorts of unsightly abuse in the name of progress!

A core component of the collaterals was an infographic to assist anyone unfamiliar with the entire cotton process to identify opportunities at each step. Rather than show traditional representations of the stages, we introduced a mascot named Otto (like, in cOTTOn! Y'see what we did there...!) who represented each step in a way that opened it up to interpretation based on the unique expertise of each delegate. 

We engaged Jennifer Jackson to help us navigate through the complexity of a new initiative. Her expertise and experience in communication strategy and design, paired up with her team's ability to execute, resulted in a set of materials that enabled people to understand our approach. Jen transformed conceptual ideas and strategy documents into functional works of art that people want to engage with. She was also invaluable in working with us to develop supportive material to compliment an inaugural and very important "Futures Forum". This helped us to facilitate a higher level of thinking in the event. I highly recommend Jaxzyn if you are looking to get on the other side of complexity and to have people enthusiastically engage with your concepts and processes. – Dr Paula Jones, General Manager (R&D Investment)

* May or may not be an actual job description