Water is awesome – you can drink it, bathe in it, surf on it, snowboard through it when it freezes, and hose down kids when they get all lippy – cheeky devils. The H.R. managers at Sydney Water certainly know how great it is – but they also know that the only thing greater is the people who work for them. When behaviour and motivation strategy company, Pragmatic Thinking, teamed up with Sydney Water to build a cutting edge leadership program, we were chuffed to be invited to help with the brand and design.


Working with the team from Pragmatic Thinking, we began with a good old Brandstorming session and together created an identity for the 'Real Conversations' program that paired nicely with the Sydney Water brand, but with enough differentiation to stand apart as something new and unique. This gave a cohesive direction to all collateral, and helped build recognition within the organisation to increase uptake. When the identity was done and dusted, we got stuck into the good stuff. From creating the key marketing and training collateral, video and website, through to visualising complex processes such as the program roll-out and 90 day post program email stream. The resulting program is a testament to what can be achieved when a forward thinking organisation courts a daring consultancy. 

We've since been pleased as punch to continue working with Sydney Water to help visualise and communicate material several leadership and culture change projects.