What we do


Jaxzyn helps savvy leaders design better employee experiences: shifting culture, unlocking potential, increasing engagement, facilitating change, improving performance, and increasing organisational effectiveness.

Unlike traditional consultancies, our involvement doesn’t end at strategy and planning. A full-service creative agency allows us to execute on strategy and ensure solutions are implemented effectively. A blend of strategy, behavioural and motivation science, and creative execution have seen the organisations we’ve worked with dramatically improve employee engagement and reduce safety incidents.

We work with leaders in three key areas:

1. Activating employees: communication strategy, planning, and execution.

2. Employee experiences: programs and training for capability building and cultural currency.

3. Developing leaders: human communication training and programs for the leaders of tomorrow.


Why experiences?


When it comes down to it, work is simply another experience — one that consumes the most hours in our day. Countless moments occurring over days, weeks, years, and careers. A series of touchpoints experienced positively, negatively, or neutrally, all merged together in our memory.

But where experiences really excite is that unlike the fuzzy notions of culture and engagement — experiences aren’t intangible. Experiences can be defined. They can be changed. By identifying all the interactions between employees and the business; mapping their days, weeks, years, and careers; and understanding the science of how we remember experiences — we can make them better.

How do our people experience a day, a week, a month, a year... a career? What’s the onboarding experience? How do employees experience programs? How do they experience events? How do they experience health and safety? What’s the retirement or resignation experience? Every one of these major events is simply a series of small moments strung together.

By considering how each touchpoint affects the individual — by designing the experience — we shape the way our people feel about work. The result? Increased engagement, and ultimately, a stronger culture.

We believe that everyone plays a role in shaping experiences — leadership to frontline; People & Culture to Health & Safety. Which means that as a leader — you own these experiences. They’re yours to change.

They’re yours to improve.


Everything hinges on good communication — it’s the way we share, inform, inspire, and connect.

Communication is more than a monthly newsletter or intranet banner — it considers every touchpoint, and how it might better pique curiosity, seize attention, embed learning, or change behaviour.

Here’s a fun fact to sway even the staunchest cynic: Organisations with good communication demonstrate 4 times higher engagement, and a 47% increase in shareholder returns.

Is communication important? Yeah, you could say that.

Art & science

Science is dull without art. Art floats empty without science. That’s why we choose neither one nor the other — but both.

Our approach slices the intersection of art and science: potent strategy, supported by behavioural and motivation science — set alight by strong creative.

The most immersive experiences, engaging communication, and effective solutions to complex problems — all rely on a perfect balance of these two contrasts.


Here’s the thing about organisations — behind all the branding and impressive facades, they’re filled with humans. Wonderfully imperfect, emotional, colloquial-language-using humans.

Fortunately, we’ve burst triumphant from the stiff, faux-professional, human resources era into a people, leadership and culture age. It’s a renaissance of real. Human is back!

However, the challenge remains — breaking decades of entrenched, outdated assumptions, battling the default, and bringing human back into the workplace.

No matter the challenges, we will always fight for work that considers people first and foremost.

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Consultants sure do love to flaunt their big, impressive trophy walls, but the truth is that behind each of these logos is an even more impressive individual or team that we’ve been thrilled to work with.


Our measure of success is work that achieves the business objectives. That said, some of the work with the folk above also went on to win awards. Which is quite nice. Here are a few of the most recent accolades.


Jaxzyn is a transformational partner providing vision, relevance, simplification and impact. What sets Jaxzyn apart is their ability to take the most basic, confusing and undetailed brief, and really understand the core of the issue and the goals to be achieved. Jaxzyn then takes this basic idea and develops a bespoke, multi-layered and beautifully designed strategy that over-delivers against every objective.

Gordon Bedford, Mattel

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